Free BSD install tutorial I wrote

Allen slackwarewolf at
Sun Jan 1 17:27:56 PST 2006

On Sunday 01 January 2006 19:09, Frank J. Laszlo wrote:

> User B on the other hand is running Free BSD, and has no idea how to
> update it. SSH was installed and running by default, and the user
> doesn't know how to use upgrade_pkg.

See below, this wasn't a part of the tutorial.

> What is "upgrade_pkg?" I think you mean portupgrade.
> Overall, my rant is just the fact I dont think you are in a position to
> be judging security of an OS without knowing the OS. Its apparent that
> you do not. I'm not going to comment on the accuracy of your slackware
> experience, I think I read that you've been using it for 2 years? Good
> luck on your future writing, I hope that I didnt come across to strong
> on this post, But it is what it is.

Well the reply you are reffering to is a paper I started writing and haven't 
finished. The first post was the tutorial and a few people asked me to post 
the paper I had been writing, it appears on the same page but has nothing to 
do with the tutorial which is the very first post listed. As I said the other 
reply was a paper I was asked to post so it wasn't part of it in any way 
shape or form.
> Regards,
>     Frank
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