6.0-STABLE slower than 6.0-RELEASE?

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Sun Jan 1 08:32:39 PST 2006

For what reasons might 6.0-STABLE slower than 6.0-RELEASE?  I don't 
think it's debug code.  Under 6.0-STABLE, I'm using the GENERIC 
kernel, and have changed only the ident value.

I'm testing the speed of this command:

    time psql freshports.org < freshports.sql

The average time under 6.0-RELEASE: 9m 5s
Under 6.0-STABLE: 10m 41s

That is quite a difference.  a few seconds I could understand, but 
not a difference of nearly 17% longer....

Suggestions?  Ideas?
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