Help Sun Blade 1000

Frank Jahnke jahnke at
Tue Feb 28 14:47:31 PST 2006

FreeBSD does not run on the UltraSprac III processor.  The US II is fine
(4m in the lingo), but that is not what you have.  There is also no port
for Java for the 4m, if this is important to you.

Stick with Solaris.  If it is anything like the usual Sparc machine, go
to the OBP (from the remote console, that is "stop-A" or ctl-F6-Break in
Hyperterminal, if you use that) and that gets you to the OBP prompt.
Usually "boot cdrom" works.  There is a host of information on the OBP
on the web that I'd suggest you look at.

You may also consider resetting the OBP to its factory defaults.  Then
is should boot off the CDRom, usually after you try the disk and the
network.  You may have to relabel your disks.


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