adding a *.wav or *mp3 file to my HTML

Gary Kline kline at
Tue Feb 28 10:58:54 PST 2006


	This is for the advanced HTML people out there, or anyone
	who knows about audio+HTML.  I have a brief (10-sec) wav
	file that I would like to add to one html/php page.
	If people do not have audio (say, xmms or realplayer),
	I don't want to nag them.  The audio isn't critical, 
	but I think it's a nice touch.

	One: how can I add this snd.wav to html? andor php?
	Two: since it takes N secs to pull over the wav file,
	is there a way to translate it to (say) 32k MP3?
	And, again, how would I add this to my HTML/php
	page without nagging my readers?

	thanks for any pointers


   Gary Kline     kline at     Public service Unix

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