shared irqs and freebsd

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Tue Feb 28 08:43:02 PST 2006

I had problem with my 2 NIC stepping on each other's IRQs.
I fixed the problem by doing two things.
I went into the bios setup and disabled sio1 and sio2 to release
their irqs
and also turned off the bios plug-n-play option.
My motherboard also had an option for type of operating system was
to run,
I selected non-windows option.

Then I moved the NIC cards around in different slots on the mother
until the boot bios summary screen showed me each NIC had its own

Worked for me.  Good luck.

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How goes FreeBSD deal with shared irqs? Looks like
FreeBSD could only work with two nic's (the same exact

I am running 5.4 and trying to install three or four
cards (the same exact type) in one machine.


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