Problem w/ xcb - no display of selected text

Parv parv at
Tue Feb 28 05:33:46 PST 2006

Recently, xcb 2.4 has stopped displaying the selected text.
Whenever i would have selected text on xterm w/ right mouse click,
text would show in a xcb buffer.  Now i do not see it.  A ktrace
shows that it can see the selection just fine.

It was working just fine w/ Xorg 6.8.2 & fvwm 2.5.15, and FreeBSD
6.0 (at least before or until Feb 3 2006 source); current version is
6.1-PRERELEASE (around Feb 24), running fvwm 2.5.16.  I am sorry to
say i did not note exactly when xcb had begun behaving erratically.

Please let me know if you would any other information to help me
solve the problem of invisible text in xcb.

  - Parv


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