Haven't been able to make world in about a year

Kristian Vaaf vaaf at broadpark.no
Tue Feb 28 02:36:34 PST 2006

At 18:26 24.02.2006, Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
>Kristian Vaaf wrote:
>>The point is I've been having this problem for so long,
>>and none of the developers are willing to help me.
>>This is one of the reason I think, why most people these
>>days seem to go (back) to DragonflyBSD.
>>I certainly am going to.
>Did you even try the suggestions I posted?  Did you bother to report 
>back whether they worked?
>Did you follow up to Giorgos questions?  Or to Donald J 
>O'Neill's?  Or to illoai at gmail.com's?  No, you just came back and whined.
>Developers have better things to do than fix problems which are 
>mostly caused by people not following the instructions correctly, or 
>thinking that they knew better than the instructions.  The problem 
>you have is guaranteed to be a configuration problem on *your* 
>system because 99.9% of people out there have no trouble at all.  I 
>want the developers to spend their time doing just that, developing, 
>not responding to questions that us mortals can usually handle.  You 
>may think that your problem is important enough to rate a developer 
>fixing it for you but I doubt that many people here would agree with 
>such a judgement.
>Looking through the archive, I could find on one question from you 
>on this topic, from Dec 31st 2005, which is certainly not the year 
>in your subject line, and not a great time to expect speedy 
>responses .  You did get a reply from Kent Stewart, and again you 
>didn't reply at all.  How could anyone possibly know that his 
>suggestion didn't work for you?  So far I count 5 different people 
>who have attempted to help you with this issue and so far I see not 
>one single piece of feedback from you on how their suggestions worked out.
>Please, switch to DragonFly.  You could also try shooting yourself 
>in the foot, and cutting off your nose to spite your face.  I gather 
>some people enjoy that kind of thing and you would seem to be one of them.
>Welcome to the select few on my kill list.

Are you threatening me man?

And damn you must have a lot of spare energy, being able to analyze 
my stupidity like that.
If I were you I'd find something better to do.

Welcome to the select few on my shit list.

And no, that's not a threat.


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