Mysterious reboot, suspecting hardware issue

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Feb 27 20:25:19 PST 2006


Running an Amanda server on a dual P III, with 256 MB ram and dual
Symbios SCSI adapter. Part of the hard disk are mounted in RAID with
vinum on the first SCSI adapter. The Tandberg tape drive is on the
second SCSI adapter. FreeBSD is:

FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE-p14 FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE-p14 #3: Thu Feb 23 14:03:05 ICT 2006     root at  i386

Recently (mid February) it started rebooting around 01:20, that is
about 40 minutes after amanda started the nightly dumps of the various
servers on my network. It's about time when amanda reaches full speed
and the machine may be busy doing some high gzip compress.

The first reboot occured while I was running 4.10-RELEASE-p19 so it
cannot be related to the version of FreeBSD.

That machine has been running like that for about one year without
any problem.

I set dumpdev="/dev/rda0s1b" in /etc/rc.conf, expecting to get a
kernel dump in time of the crash, but I got nothing.

- did I missed something?

- how to prevent the machine from rebooting when it crashes?

Other idea?

Best regards,


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