A reason for major ports update?

Micah micahjon at ywave.com
Mon Feb 27 20:17:28 PST 2006

Steve Lake wrote:
>     Ok, call me the curious cat, but I just cvsupped my ports tonight 
> looking for a patch to Xine to fix a problem with MKV playback under KDE 
> 3.5 and got quite the shocker.  There were about 101 ports that said 
> they needed to be upgraded.  The part that's the kicker is I just 
> upgraded everything about 3 weeks ago.  Did I miss something or did 
> something big come down the pipe that caused a major number of ports to 
> be updated?  Or is this just coincidence?  Just curious.

As was already pointed out, libtool has changed/updated.  For future 
reference, /usr/ports/UPDATING and http://www.freshports.org are good 
places to check when you see massive updates like this.  This one is, in 
fact, explained in UPDATING.  Since libtool is a build dependency you're 
probably safe not upgrading everything unless you're like me and depend 
on portversion/pkg_version to tell you when things need updating.


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