Apparent Hack attempt filling partition

Kees Plonsz replyREMOVE_THIS at
Mon Feb 27 14:29:04 PST 2006

Steel City Phantom wrote on Monday 27 February 2006 22:56:

> It seems that on friday i had some kind of hack scanner hit one of my
> servers.  it went thru the website looking for scripts, i believe it was
> my hosting company that did it with their vulnerability scanner.  The
> problem is that for some reason, the server was kicked into a loop
> failing on a perl script that eventually filled the /var partition with
> a 1 gig error log file and brought mysql down for lack of temp space to
> run some queries.  

I think that is the "Net-Worm.Linux.Mare.d".
It not a special for linux but works on all *unix machines
with PHP XML-RPC library and MAMBO.
One of the files it uses is ping.txt:

> mv: ping.txt: No such file or directory

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