Areca ARC-1120 vs Adeptec 2820 for RAID 6

Ashley Moran work at
Mon Feb 27 03:01:59 PST 2006

On Saturday 25 February 2006 04:53, Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
> I would wonder about Adaptec support.  Areca is officially supporting  
> FreeBSD (and Solaris 10 and others).

The Adaptec website claims that the 2820 is compatible with FreeBSD 5.4 but 
doesn't mention 6.  I noticed that about Areca

>> I have a 12 port PCI-X version of the Areca but not yet installed.  
> My correspondence with Areca before I got it was very good.  They  
> were quite responsive.
> I have been using a lot of adaptec boards over the last 5 years  
> (2100S x 2, 2200S, 2410SA x a few, 2400A in one machine). They work  
> fine but Adaptec provides no support for FreeBSD and the released  
> utilities may or may not work so well as FreeBSD matures but the  
> utilities stay at old versions...

The Areca utilities seem quite up to date - Dec 05.  Only i386 binaries but I 
assume they will control the card just find running on an amd64 machine.  
Will you let me know how you find them?  It'd be reassuring to know the tools 
are good.


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