Firefox + Flash work

Chandan Haldar chandanh at
Mon Feb 27 02:15:20 PST 2006

Anyone looking for a quick solution, this is what worked for me
on FreeBSD 6.0 Release.

I have /usr/ports extracted from the 6.0 Release ISO CD.  I also
have a directory which I named /home/newports extracted from
the latest portsnap download:
  portsnap -p /home/newports fetch
  portsnap -p /home/newports extract
followd by
  portsnap -p /home/newports update

The following steps gave me firefox 1.0.7 with a working flash 6

  cd /usr/ports/www/firefox
  make install clean
  cd  /usr/ports/www/linux-flashplugin6
  make install clean
  cd /home/newports/www/linuxpluginwrapper
  make install clean
  cp -i 

Finally edit /usr/X11R6/lib/firefox/ and add
  /usr/X11R6/lib/linux-flashplugin6 to MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH
  (near the end of the script) (colon-separated path components)

Now run firefox as usual.

That was it for me.  Hope this or some variation of this helps
anyone who needs a working setup quickly.  Various linux
compatibility packages got installed in the process as
dependencies (list below) but none gave me any trouble.

linux-XFree86-libs- XFree86 libraries, Linux binary
linux-expat-1.95.5_3 Linux/i386 binary port of Expat XML-parsing library
linux-flashplugin-6.0r79_3 The official Macromedia Flash Player for 
Linux Mozilla and
linux-flashplugin-7.0r61 The official Macromedia Flash Player for Linux 
Mozilla and
linux-fontconfig-2.1_3 Linux/i386 binary of Fontconfig
linux-glib2-2.2.1_3 Version 2.X Linux/i386 binary port of GLib
linux_base-8-8.0_6  Base set of packages needed in Linux mode (only for 
linuxpluginwrapper-20051113 A wrapper allowing use of linux-plugins with 
native applica

Unfortunately the build of firefox 1.5 in /home/newports breaks
for me, so I cannot get firefox 1.5 and flash working together in
this manner yet.  Also, I installed linux-flashplugin7 the same
way, however, it crashes firefox 1.0.7 immediately at start, so I
removed the plugin path for flash 7 from MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH.

Firefox 1.0.7 + Flash 6 will keep me running until the new
versions stabilize.


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