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Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Feb 27 01:52:25 PST 2006

Pol Hallen wrote:
> Hi all,
> i'd like build a rules firewall 4 my machine on the internet and my lan.
> I see: IPFW, PF, IPF.
> I have a main server on the internet and several clients.
> Which firewall package i should use?(study)
> I known iptables (4 linux) and i wrote a rules for it, but i prefer use a 
> native freebsd firewall :-)
> Anyone can i suggest me? Thanks very much :-)

ipfw is the native firewall. ipf is simple and historically precedes pf.
pf is ported from OpenBSD and leaves nothing behind in terms of security 

I don't know ipfw. If you expect a simple rule set, then ipf may be the 
easy solution. Otherwise I would go for pf. pf took some syntax from ipf 
so with some changes you can easily shift to pf later, if you don't use 
groups no changes should be needed.

Cheers, Erik
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