kernel message buffer not sent to remote syslog

Robin Gruyters r.gruyters at
Mon Feb 27 00:55:50 PST 2006

Hi ya,

A few weeks ago I have upgraded a few of our systems to FREEBSD 5.4
(-rRELENG_5_4). I noticed that it won't sent any system messages (which is
available in the buffer. e.g. boot messages), to the remote loghost anymore.

Has anything changed in the handeling of system messages since FreeBSD 5.3?

Here my syslog.conf
# $FreeBSD: src/etc/syslog.conf,v 2005/03/16 13:39:59 glebius Exp $
#       Spaces ARE valid field separators in this file. However,
#       other *nix-like systems still insist on using tabs as field
#       separators. If you are sharing this file between systems, you
#       may want to use only tabs as field separators here.
#       Consult the syslog.conf(5) manpage.
*.err;kern.warning;auth.notice;mail.crit                /dev/console
security.*                                      /var/log/security;                         /var/log/auth.log                                       /var/log/maillog                                        /var/log/lpd-errs                                        /var/log/xferlog
cron.*                                          /var/log/cron
*.=debug                                        /var/log/debug.log
*.emerg                                         *
# uncomment this to log all writes to /dev/console to /var/log/console.log                                   /var/log/console.log
# uncomment this to enable logging of all log messages to /var/log/all.log
# touch /var/log/all.log and chmod it to mode 600 before it will work
*.*                                             /var/log/all.log
# uncomment this to enable logging to a remote loghost named loghost
*.*                                             @
# uncomment these if you're running inn
# news.crit                                     /var/log/news/news.crit
# news.err                                      /var/log/news/news.err
# news.notice                                   /var/log/news/news.notice
*.*                                             /var/log/slip.log
*.*                                             /var/log/ppp.log

I have also noticed that it will sent the messages to the /var/log/all.log, but
not to the remote host.

Robin Gruyters
Network and Security Engineer
Yirdis B.V. / Betronic Services

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