Building an older version/port of SWIG

David Pratt fairwinds at
Sun Feb 26 17:20:31 PST 2006

Hi. I am trying to build an older version of SWIG that the current 
version in ports. Current version on ports is 1.3.27 but I am needing to 
install 1.3.24 due to a problem with 1.3.27 with other software I will 
be compliling. It is possible to install an older port of swig like this 
with ports collection? I am on freeBSD 4.10.

I have just recently tried downloading SWIG-1.3.24 from the swig site 
and compiling it on its own with

make check
make install

but it stops ...

Installing /usr/local/share/swig/1.3.24/allegrocl/typemaps.i
Installing /usr/local/share/swig/1.3.24/allegrocl/allegrocl.swg
Installing language specific files for std
*** Error code 1

Are there specific parameters I need for FreeBSD for this to install 
successfully. I am wanting SWIG to wrap for python.

I would be happier with a port for sure but would be happy to get this 
to compile/install one way or the other.

Many thanks

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