rl0 discard oversize

Chris chrcoluk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 15:20:17 PST 2006

On 26/02/06, Chuck Swiger <cswiger at mac.com> wrote:

> Pol Hallen wrote:
> > Hi all :-)
> >
> > I have a fbsd 5.4
> > today while copy a lot files (several Gb) the network saturation...and
> don't
> > responding of ping :-(
> >
> > in dmesg i see:
> >
> > rl0 discard oversize frame (ether type 4a82 flags 3 len 38118 > 1514
> [ ... ]
> > where is the problem?
> With the rl0 hardware, probably.  Realtek NICs aren't very good, and I've
> seen
> similar reports from other people which were resolved by getting a dc0 or
> fxp0
> NIC instead.
> > this is my main server.. and indispensable 4 my work!
> >
> > sorry 4 my bad english...and thanks!
> Your english is OK...
> --
> -Chuck
> _______________________________________________

I wonder if anyone has the time to rewrite the realtek driver because
whenever anyone posts about rl0 the advice is always ditch the card, I agree
that realtek's are the reliant robin class of lan cards but the problems
people see do not happen on other operating systems with the same hardware,
eg. I have never seen that mtu problem on debian or windows but I have had
it myself on freebsd, I also get poor realtek performance but when I tried
linux with the same hardware it was normal.  Datacentre's far too often will
supply a realtek card with the machine so its not always possible or
affordable to simply ditch for a new brand.  If someone does have the time
to look at the driver it would be great and I would be available for testing
as I use realtek cards at home for my lan.


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