Startup script

Joacim Melin listor at
Sun Feb 26 12:55:07 PST 2006

And if there isn't any /etc/rc.local I just create one and put stuff  
in there?

The absence of that file confused me a bit.


On 26 feb 2006, at 20.42, Robert Huff wrote:

> Joacim Melin writes:
>>  newbie question: which script do I put stuff that needs to be
>>  booted during system startup, like apache httpd, spamd, named,
>>  etc?
> 	Investigate the contents, and proper usage, of
> "/usr/local/etc/rc.d".  It is also possible to put things in
> "/etc/rc.local".
> 	You should also read the man page for "/etc/rc.conf".
> 				Robert Huff
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