cloning freebsd from desktop to laptop computer.

Dmitri Pisarev dimaip at
Sun Feb 26 12:49:14 PST 2006

Nikolas Britton wrote:

>On 2/26/06, Dmitri Pisarev <dimaip at> wrote:
>>I've got laptop Toshiba Portege 3480CT(no floppy, no CD-ROM, no booting
>>from USB flash supported etc. 40G HDD) and a desktop computer running
>>FreeBSD 6.0(athlon 3200+, WD 80G HDD).
>>I need to install freebsd on to my laptop computer.
>>The question is, is it posible to copy the freebsd patition to the
>>laptop computer somehow, so it would remain bootable? I tried to copy my
>>ad0s2(my BSD partition) to ad0s3 on laptop, using dd.exe for windows,
>>and all i get is "Boot error". I'm using freebsd bootloader on desktop,
>>and BootMagic on laptop, could that be a problem?
>>any help or suggestions are appreciated.
>The simple way would be to buy a 2.5 to 3.5 IDE adaptor. Pull the
>drive out of the laptop and put it in your desktop to Install FreeBSD.
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Thank you for the reply!
I have already been replacing my HDD once, and it's a real problem for 
me to disassemble it, takes hell of a lot of time, so I would like to 
avoid it.
So, is there a way to clone partition from one system to another and 
make it work?
Also, does anyone know, will my laptop netboot(PXE or smth?) from Xircom 
100/10 PCMCIA adapter?
Here's a list of posible ways I'm considering to installing freebsd on 
to my laptop:
1)Buy the toshiba floppy drive(difficult to find in russia...).
2)Boot over the network.
3)Pull the drive out and install BSD on the desktop.
4)Clone partition somehow??
5)Any other way? I know how to install Linux without booting up, is the 
same posible with FreeBSD?

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