Build on one CPU, run on different ones? (AMD, VIA, Intel)

Chris Shenton chris at
Sun Feb 26 11:17:21 PST 2006

I've got a variety of boxes around the house which all share
/usr/local and /usr/X11 binaries, libraries and such.  These boxes are
of different vintages ranging from an ancient P60 to a new Pentium D,
but also an older AMD K6 cpu and a VIA EPIA.

My main NFS server is a 4-year old Intel and isn't the fastest for
building World or large ports.  If I build on the new Pentium D box,
will the binaries run on the other systems? Or are there some
compatibility issues?

Since the FreeBSD release binaries run on all the CPUs I'm guessing
there won't be any problem.  I've seen some multimedia ports that can
optimize for a certain chip but I don't tend to use them.

Should I worry and just build on the fastest system I have? 


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