lpr -> cups

Chris Maness chris at chrismaness.com
Sun Feb 26 07:51:19 PST 2006

dick hoogendijk wrote:
> I'm thinking of changing my printing system from good-old lpr to cups.
> Mainly because my (home) network computers can find the main printer
> more easy with cups than with /etc/printcap (windows and os-x machines)
> Installing cups should not be too difficult. I have a very goo how2 for
> it. However, what about the printing filters?
> With lpr I use apsfilter and that works very very well for all kind of
> printjobs. Will cups take care of this too? What do I look for as a
> replacement for apsfilter then?

I have had a bit of a time setting up cups.  I am trying to use the pips 
filters for it, but it's not working at the moment.  I can print using 
the default CUPS filters, but they are very poor quality.  I am using an 
Epson 2200.  Give it a try, maybe we can get it figured out together.  I 
have used cups with a great deal of success under Linux, but 
unfortunately  it has been a pain in the rear under FreeBSD.

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