rl0 discard oversize

Pol Hallen freebsda at fuckaround.org
Sun Feb 26 07:27:31 PST 2006

Hi all :-)

I have a fbsd 5.4
today while copy a lot files (several Gb) the network saturation...and don't 
responding of ping :-(

in dmesg i see:

rl0 discard oversize frame (ether type 4a82 flags 3 len 38118 > 1514

ok, i tried 

ifconfig rl0 mtu 1400 but i have the same problem, i tried 1420, 1450, etc. 
but while copy the network go down 4 several seconds.. if i wait (20/40 
seconds) the network come-back normal..

i tried too change my network card but nothing...

where is the problem?

this is my main server.. and indispensable 4 my work!

sorry 4 my bad english...and thanks!


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