Problem with Samba after upgrade

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> Subject: Problem with Samba after upgrade
> I just updated to the newest version of Samba (3.0.21b,1). The old
> version was working fine, but since there were a number of 
> ports that I
> had that were out dated, I simply updated them all.
> The problem is that Samba does not appear to be working 
> correctly now. I
> can access the FreeBSED machine from any of the WinXP machines without
> incident. However, the reverse is not true. I have tried running the
> following command which produces this output:
> smbclient -L boss -U username%password
> timeout connecting to
> timeout connecting to
> Error connecting to (Operation already in progress)
> Connection to boss failed
> Absolutely nothing has changed other than the updating of Samba and a
> few other ports -- mostly KDE. The WinXP machines are untouched. There
> is no new firewall involved, etc.
> I posted this on the Samba list, but did not receive any response.
> Perhaps someone here might have an idea.

Well it looks like the personal firewall on boss got turned on.

You might check your system logs on boss to see if anything has changed
behind your back.  XP tends to do this if you leave it on ... Check All
Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information -> View ->
System History.

Can your other XP machines access boss?  Try Run -> \\boss from another
XP machine to check.

Can smbclient access your samba server?  I.e. can it access itself?  Try
smbclient //FreeBSDname/sharename to check or try smbclient -L
//FreeBSDname to check.

You can set the debug level (-d) to 1 or 2 and see what you get.

You can also reapply the port upgrade if you think there might have been
an upgrade error.


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