imap problem with blackhole

Perttu Laine plaine at
Sun Feb 26 05:28:02 PST 2006

On 2/26/06, Kees <reply at> wrote:

> I have problem with imap. Works fine if blackhole (tcp) is set to 0, but I
> > set it 1 or 2 imap stops responding (timeouts). Dovecot imap and freebsd
> > 5.4. So. What could be case here?
> Strange, I use FreeBSD-5.4 and dovecot with imap as well, but it works
> fine
> after setting "net.inet.tcp.blackhole=1".
> Perhaps your mailclient reads a (wrong) closed port and hangs after not
> receiveing a rst-packet ?

Well it's same with every client (thunderbird, oe, the bat, nokia 9300
communicator) and even squirrelmail webmail which is on same machine.

kpn @ IRCnet

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