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> hi all...
> is there a win modem driver in 6.0 that can be used with the build-in
> modem on ibm thinkpads?
> thanks...

You forgot to tell us WHICH model of ThinkPad concerns you.  Modems in 
older ThinkPads, such as a T21 or A20m may be supported by the 
comms/ltmdm port.

I have been unable to find any support for modems in newer ThinkPads, 
such as the T30 and later.  However, somewhere around here I have a
modem-only mini-PCI card that came out of my A20m when I upgraded it
to a mini-PCI combo card with modem and 10/100 fxp NIC.  Both the 
modem-only card and the combo modem/NIC card had supported modem 
chipsets.  Once I can locate the modem-only PCI card I have 
(somewhere), I will try to install it in my T30 and see whether I can 
get modem functionality back.

Now, don't blame me if this fries your laptop or causes other mayhem, 
but if you want to try, you can buy these modem cards pretty cheap on 
eBay.  Based on the part numbers found on IBM's site at

I would try looking for part number 10L1305 or 08K3146.  You want a
Lucent chipset, since that is what the comms/ltmdm port is written to

Good luck, and please follow up if you find a solution.


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