Asus P5MT-M and FreeBSD 6.0

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Sounds like a bug to me.
Submit a problem report on it.

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Subject: Asus P5MT-M and FreeBSD 6.0

I am attempting to install 6.0 Stable on an Asus P5MT-M motherboard
ICH7R), which contains onboard SATA RAID bios (LSI MegaRAID).
sysinstall in call cases.  I am noticing several inconsistencies:

1) When SATA is in Enhanced mode, no drives are detected.  5.4 detects
drives just fine

2) When SATA is in RAID mode, no drives are detected, 5.4 yields the

3) When SATA is in Compatible mode, *one* drive is detected, AND a
volume is also detected (but in degraded status).  5.4 detects these

Ideally, installing 6.0 (or even 5.4) using the RAID function would be

Any suggestions?

Ben House
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