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Modems are manufactured for two target markets, MS/Windows and
every thing else. Winmodems are cheep because the hardware controller
function is handled by the software you have to install into windows.
This hardware controller function is contained in a chip on the modem
circuit board. Winmodems are missing this chip and have a replacement
chip that directs the modem to use driver software running in the
windows system to perform the controller function. The most common
replacement chip is manufactured by Lucent. There are many versions of
this Lucent chip each version needing a different software driver

Up until version 4.4, FBSD did not have any solution to using
Winmodems, but with the release of 4.4 the ports collection contains
the  "Linux Winmodem 'ltmdm' driver" which was ported to FBSD.
This port is very poorly documented, only works with a limited
number of Lucent chip version.

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hi all...

is there a win modem driver in 6.0 that can be used with the build-in
modem on ibm thinkpads?


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