ls -c vs. ls -u / manpage / architecture question

lalev at lalev at
Fri Feb 24 18:09:26 PST 2006


I want to ask if I got this right.

The manpage of ls, supplied with FreeBSD 6.0 says:

-c      Use time when file status was last changed for sorting or printing.
-u      Use time of last access, instead of last modification of the file
for sorting and printing

I could see in the source of ls that these two options
are opposite of each other, but being ignorant about
the architecture of UNIX file system, i'm not positive
that in addition to the time of last modification
and the time of last access, there is not
another time - "file status change time".

Or is it what I suppose, that the -c option is just on by default
and no other than these 2 times are saved in the file system
info about the file.

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