server problem

illoai at illoai at
Fri Feb 24 16:00:20 PST 2006

For clarity's sake:
> Jack williams:
> | my IP address change as it is dynamic after this i could still use ftp
> | from elsewhere but no one could access my pages.

> Lowell Gilbert:
> | Probably.  How do people try to access your pages?  Are they using an
> | outdated DNS name?

On 2/24/06, Jack williams <jack_panic_switch at> wrote:
> no there trying to use my ip address i have given them my right one
> by the way. i just cant think of what could be wrong

Might be a case of your isp blocking it, check your terms of service
to see if they have such policies. provides free redirection and a FreeBSD
client, and if it is your isp not allowing inbound on port 80
you can have it proxied to another port (8888 is default, I think)
at their end.
And if you decide to pay for a real domain name, the redirection
can still be pretty inexpensive (or free).


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