Tracing Program

Gerard Seibert gerard at
Fri Feb 24 13:39:37 PST 2006

I have a program. DADA Mail, which is unfortunately not available in the
ports system. One of the modules supports a discussion list. It is
designed to POP a message from the mailbox and send it. Unfortunately,
it is failing to delete the message from the mailbox after sending it.

I need a program that I can run in conjunction with this program that
can produce a log of everything that is happening when the module is
running so I can send it to the developer of DADA. Perhaps someone could
suggest something that would accomplish that. I am not talking a 'script'
which only records output to the screen. I need one that will record
exactly what the program is actually doing; i.e, system calls, etc.


Gerard Seibert
gerard at

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