Redirecting Traffic with PF

Frank Staals frankstaals at
Fri Feb 24 13:08:31 PST 2006

Eric Schultz wrote:

> Frank Staals wrote:
>> Hey,
> Good afternoon...
> I'm just stabbing in the dark here since I use neither 5-Stable nor PF.
>> I have an FreeBSD server/firewall running 5-Stable with PF. I want to 
>> redirect all udp traffic on port 27902 from the internet to a 
>> computer in my network. I used this rule but I have some problem with 
>> it: sometimes connections on that port are refused and I can't 
>> connect with other players ( it's for a online game ) :
> What do you mean by "sometimes" ???  "sometimes" problems are the 
> worst kind.

Sometimes: about 90% of all attempts to connect

>> rdr on $extif inet proto udp from any port 27902 -> port 
>> 27902
>> I think the problem might have something to do with the different 
>> network interfaces since the traffic is comming in on $extif and has 
>> to go to an computer connected to $intif ? And how can I do that ? 
>> Can I change it to:
>> rdr on $extif inet proto udp from any port 27902 -> $intif 
>> port 27902
> How are your two interfaces configured and what does your routing 
> table look like?  If you do a traceroute to from the 
> firewall when you're having trouble connecting what is the result?
The Firewall is the default gateway for my localnetwork, so 
is directly connected to the server/firewall

-Frank Staals

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