10 years of "The Complete FreeBSD"

Rob rob at roblytle.org
Fri Feb 24 07:25:08 PST 2006

>Ten years ago today, on 24 February 1996, I submitted for publication
>the final version of the first ever book on FreeBSD, "Installing and
>Using FreeBSD".  It was later renamed to "The Complete FreeBSD".

>I have always retained full rights to the book, and for today I've
>decided to release it for download under the Creative Commons
>license.  See more at http://www.lemis.com/grog/Documentation/CFBSD/.


Despite using FreeBSD off and on for quite a while, I always end up clueless
about something.  Between the mailings lists and that book I usually can figure
out what to do.  Thanks.



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