no usb detection during load

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Feb 24 06:26:43 PST 2006

Peter de Rooij <peter at> writes:

> Well, very little.  FreeBSD 6.0 GENERIC does not detect my USB mouse
> or printer at boot.  It did not recognize a USB thumb drive either
> until I added the thing to /etc/fstab.  Everything works fine if I
> plug it in after boot.  (A bit inconvenient for the mouse...)
> How do I force detection at boot?
> I already added usbd_load="YES" and ums_load="YES" to loader.conf,
> with no effect.
> dmesg attached.
> Note the detection of ums0 after completion of boot -- that's when I
> plug it in after logging in.

Hmm.  Strange.  Does usbdevs(8) show it before kernel detection?  [I
doubt it, but without being able to reproduce it myself, I'm kind of
grasping at straws...]

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