Areca ARC-1120 vs Adeptec 2820 for RAID 6

Ashley Moran work at
Fri Feb 24 04:17:25 PST 2006

I'm trying to decide whether to go with an Areca ARC-1120 or an Adeptec 2820 
for a database server.  The Promise SuperTrak EX8350 is out of the question 
because it lacks FreeBSD support.

One server supplier says customer's he's supplie with ARC boards were unhappy 
with them, but didn't give any specific reasons.  Does anyone have any 
experience with either of these on FBSD?

There's a long comparison of the three cards at .  The 
Areca board canes the others performance-wise but I want to know if it will 
be stable for the next however many years.


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