AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid+FM Cardbus

Ludo Koren lk at tempest.sk
Fri Feb 24 03:31:30 PST 2006

>>>>> <xkodi at bofh.bg> writes:

     > bktr.ko is for Conexant (formerly Rockwell) Booktree (Fussion)
     > 8x8/8x9 based cards and you have Philips saa713x based, so you
     > should try with the correct driver and applications. You can
     > download them from here:

     > http://download.purpe.com/

     > I don't know why the driver from the link above is not
     > included, like bktr.ko, into the FreeBSD, and if it will work
     > with your device, but with my saa7134 based ECS EZ-TV (TVP3XP)
     > TV&FM Tuner card, everything works great and I am able to watch
     > analog TV and capture under FreeBSD 5.x :

     > saa0 at pci1:11:0: class=0x048000 card=0x4cb41019 chip=0x71341131
     > rev=0x01 hdr=0x00 vendor = 'Philips Semiconductors' device =
     > 'SAA7134HL Multi Media Capture Device' class = multimedia

after applying proposed driver I get:

saa0 at pci3:0:0:  class=0x048000 card=0xf4361461 chip=0x71331131 rev=0xd1 hdr=0x00
    vendor   = 'Philips Semiconductors'
    device   = 'SAA7135HL Multi Media Capture Device'
    class    = multimedia

and running ftvv application in source Tab after pressing Tune
Channels I get:

Error changing to frequency: 48.25: Input/output error

and in the log appears:

iicbus0: START: bus error (status 0x9 loop:13)

Here is the kldstat output:

Id Refs Address    Size     Name
 1   23 0xc0400000 380600   kernel
 2    1 0xc0781000 64cc     linprocfs.ko
 3    2 0xc0788000 1b40c    linux.ko
 4    2 0xc07a4000 1d4fc    sound.ko
 5    1 0xc07c2000 5a44     snd_ich.ko
 6    1 0xc07c8000 8740     ng_ubt.ko
 7    2 0xc07d1000 dd4c     netgraph.ko
 8    1 0xc07df000 580b4    acpi.ko
 9    1 0xc27d2000 3000     est.ko
10    1 0xc29cf000 17000    radeon.ko
11    1 0xc3801000 2c000    nfsclient.ko
12    1 0xc6e38000 8000     saa.ko
13    2 0xc6e40000 3000     iicbus.ko
14    1 0xc6e54000 3000     iic.ko

Anyone any hints what could be wrong?



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