ports libtool change, what does it mean?

Hans Nieser h.nieser at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 23 21:38:24 PST 2006

Earlier today, after a portsnap, I noticed a lot of ports with new
revisions. I checked the UPDATING file, but it had nothing new in it
(something about acroread7 was the latest entry). I decided to just do a
simple portupgrade -a and let it rebuild everything (this is on a laptop
with Xorg, Gnome2, etc.).

Sometime later I portsnapped a server machine and noticed that there was
now an updated UPDATING file explaining that the ports revisions were
bumped because of the libtool change. It seems I portsnapped my laptop at
a bad time, as it had apparently already gotten the ports after the
libtool change but not the updated UPDATING file. (Note that I installed
FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE on this laptop only 2 days ago with a fresh portstree
 so I don't think the bumped ports could have from some previous change).

I have read the UPDATING entry 3 times now but I'm still not really sure
what it means. Fortunately it seems that my laptop's portupgrade -a went
OK except a dependency of subversion (apr-db4) failing to configure, but
since I don't need svn at the moment I just removed it altogether and let
it be for now. My question basically is, can I expect more problems later
on, if so, should I rebuild my system from scratch?

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