moused problem

illoai at illoai at
Thu Feb 23 20:05:34 PST 2006

On 2/23/06, Timothy Smith <timothy at> wrote:
> hi there when i disconnect my mouse from the ps2 port, when i go to
> reconnect it i find my mouse has stopped working. when i restart moused
> it works again, but i find that my scroll wheel no longer works in X.
> any ideas how i can prevent this from happening all together?

I do think that ps2 mouses aren't always hot-pluggable, but
I'm uncertain.  xorg 6.9 and moused -z 4 don't seem to play
nicely, I had to take the -z 4 flag out for scroll wheel to work
I also discovered that some cheap KVMs (belkin omni cube) throw
up a lot of random noise when you switch ports, and mouses
can do odd and not fun things when you reconnect (up to and
inclusing freezing X and panicking the system).

If yours isn't related to that maybe it's just your momma
board not likin' the hot swappin' and is tryin' to tell you to
quit it.


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