trouble finding burner (k3b)

Duane Whitty duane at
Thu Feb 23 11:20:19 PST 2006

Fabian Keil wrote:
> Duane Whitty <duane at> wrote:
>> Peter wrote:
>>> This k3b program is great but it I find it very picky.  Currently it
>>> cannot detect my DVD/CD burner (/dev/acd1) anymore.  It can find my CDROM
>>> (/dev/acd0) allright but it claims the permissions may be wrong on the
>>> burner.  I checked and these devices have the same permissions.  I even
>>> gave them both 777 without success in detection.  They are also both owned
>>> by root:operator and my invoking user is in group operator.  This used to
>>> work great.  I haven't tried to burn anything recently so I don't know
>>> when things fell apart but what I can say is yesterday I recompiled my
>>> kernel.  I used the same config file with one line being added (for USB
>>> 2.0 support; ehci).  Anyone have any ideas?  I'm running 5.4 although
>>> today I was surprised that dmesg showed this:
>> I have a similar problem in that k3b cannot find 
>> my DVD/CD burner.  However I haven't received any 
>> messages about permissions.
>> On a hunch I started X as root and k3b was then 
>> able to find my hardware.  This doesn't really 
>> solve the problem but it was a quick work-around 
>> for me until I figure this out.
>> Note: I too changed permissions to 666 on 
>> /dev/acd0 and /dev/cd0 to no avail.
> The user needs to have access to /dev/xpt0 and /dev/pass0 as well.  
> Fabian


Thank you, this works perfectly.

Best wishes,


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