FreeBSD on Sun Fire V20Z

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Feb 23 10:41:06 PST 2006

I am not familiar with this Sun unit, but on other sun sparcs their boot 
devices were set in the prom.  As I recall the cd boot is not the same 
slice/dev as the FreeBSD one.  You may try to drop to the prom and try 
other cd devices to boot from.


At 12:27 PM 2/23/2006, Paul Schmehl wrote:
>Has anyone installed 6.0 RELEASE on this hardware?  I can't even get it to 
>boot off the CD, but it boots fine off the Sun-supplied setup CD (which 
>only offers RHE and Suse as options.)
>I've d/l'd both discs 1 & 2 and the bootonly ISOs and burned them to CD 
>(like I usually do), but they do not boot.  (Yes, I'm using the amd64 version.)
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