kernel compiling options question

Daim Willemse plz_daim at
Thu Feb 23 06:37:33 PST 2006

Hello all,

On my fine FreeBSD 6.0 box I am running a wireless access point. I set up 
the interface and bridged it and all worked fine.

After that I wanted to install ISDN4BSD. Therefor I compliled a new kernel 
after adding the ISDN4BSD code. The kernel compiled and it booted.

However. In the process the bridge if has gone missing. I added the line " 
options BRIDGE" to the kernel configuration, but no bridging if. this is the 
typical feedback I receive:

FBSD# ifconfig bridge0 create
ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE: Invalid argument

What is the difference between the GENERIC kernel configuration and the 
stock kernel. What differences makes the bridge if gone missing?

Thank you in advance.

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