portsnap failing

Jack Stone antennex at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 23 05:39:52 PST 2006

>I'm trying to update my ports tree on a 6.0-RELEASE/amd64 machine.  I get 
>Updating from Wed Feb 15 08:30:17 GMT 2006 to Thu Feb 23 10:20:03 GMT 2006.
>Fetching 3 metadata patches.. done.
>Applying metadata patches... done.
>Fetching 3 metadata files... /usr/sbin/portsnap: cannot open
>f1777c019669546744ef448c17531bdd125884253a6bf4b73f6e77001d7a0b12.gz: No 
>file or directory
>If I delete the portsnap files and try to fetch a new snapshot, I get this
>error instead:
>Fetching snapshot generated at Thu Feb 23 03:09:19 GMT 2006:
>f4b0454e7bce8a4decdb9190e22b8325a966e92005df5f 97% of   39 MB  118 kBps 
>fetch: transfer timed out
>Neither of my i386 boxes have this problem.  Does anyone know where the 

I don't think ports have anything to do with branches, although some ports 
may not have an amd64-compatible to use. The "make.conf" tells what CPU to 
make for. I *may* be all wet though and would be happy to be corrected.

I have no problem with portsnap - using FBSD-6.0 with builtin portsnap.


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