I've got spyware!!??

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 23 00:34:02 PST 2006

On Feb 23, 2006, at 12:19 AM, Joseph Vella wrote:

> I just installed flash in Firefox.  I was playing around with the
> autoscrolling feature, when all of a sudden some ugly website pops  
> up.  It
> was something I clicked with the mouse wheel.  I tried it again and  
> sure
> enough the same site pops up.  It was kind of tricky to do. I had  
> to be
> scrolling and then click real fast.  I found that if I turned off the
> autoscrolling, anytime I clicked in the browser window with the  
> mouse wheel
> this site would come up.  On a couple of occasions a page within the
> Microsoft site would come up instead.
> I deleted the mozilla directory in my home directory.  After that  
> the first
> three clicks of my mouse wheel would cause the Microsoft page to  
> come up,
> after that the other site would come up.
> How could there be spyware on my FreeBSD computer and how do I get  
> rid of it?

Not sure if this is true for FreeBSD, but try deleting the  
~/.macromedia directory and see what happens. This may remove any  
unwanted cached flash apps.
Interesting though. If this persists, someone may have found and  
exploited a security issue with Flash =\...

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