What doesn't work on desktop FreeBSD ? (ex Webcams)

Jan Holland bsduser at postmaster.co.uk
Wed Feb 22 14:08:22 PST 2006

Xn Nooby wrote:

> I bought a QuickCam Orbit MP, which I apparently must use under Windows (or
> Linux).  From what I've seen online, not many (if any), people are using
> webcams under FreeBSD.  I was curious if there were other things that also
> were not realistic to do (I'm not complaining).
> Some of the things that do work are my soundcard, nVidia card, gigabit NIC,
> opengl games, wine, accelerated qemu, hp inkjet printer, and lots of
> wonderful free software.  Qemu nullified my need for VMWare (though I own
> 5.5 for win and linux). OpenOffice, Abiword, and Firefox with flash and java
> works.   Lots of stuff works.
> I'm just curious if I am going to hit any roadblocks down the road.
> (Maybe there is a way to get my Quickcam to work using the RH
> 8.0compatibilty layer)
> thank!

Someone ported the Linux pwc webcam driver to FreeBSD, and
it actually works great with my Logitech Quickcam 4000 pro!

According to his website http://raaf.atspace.org/  Logitech
Quickcam Orbit should work as well.

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