eclipse looks for cairo.2

Micah micahjon at
Wed Feb 22 06:52:28 PST 2006

kalin mintchev wrote:
>> I noticed you CC'd freebsd-java & freebsd-questions but didn't CC
>> freebsd-eclipse@  Have you searched their archives?  Tried the
>> WITHOUT_CAIRO=yes knob?  What kind of system are you trying to build
>> this on?
> thanks Micah..  i'm not sure if i want to exclude cairo from the build.
> i'm not very aware of what is it exactly - i know it's a graphic library -
> but i think it has to do with the graphical interface of eclipse. it was
> needed for firefox 1.5 too....
> the system is a 2 weeks old freebsd 6.0 release. no current or stable..
> as far as archives i searched google mostly and the freebsd java
> archives.... i'm aware of the eclipse list - just wanted to avoid
> subscribing to another one - i have more then 50 now - and hoping that
> somebody here knows about it. or on the java list...
> apparently the issue is not a very widely experienced one. maybe only
> recently the cairo 1.0.2 port was marked as broken....
> thanks...

According to cairo hasn't been 
touched since December and cairo isn't marked broken there or in my 
ports tree.  Try removing the cairo directory and doing a fresh cvsup of 
your tree to see if you've got a stale entry.


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