Free BSD on Macintosh OS 10.3.9 ?

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Wed Feb 22 03:38:59 PST 2006

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>On Tuesday 21 February 2006 20:14, elisabet lundvall wrote:
>> can I use free BSD in my mac? I have Panther in my iBook, but there is
>> no BSD in it.
>> I tryed once to get it from the CD OS 10.2.3, but since it was older
>> than my updated
>> system OS 10.3.9 the system crashed! I need the BSD to try out the
>> Adobe program Indesign.
>> Do you know what I should do?
>I think you're confusing the BSD Base System (installed as an
>optional extra
>off the OS X CD) with FreeBSD (a complete operating system).
>If you need the BSD base system you will need an up-to-date OS
>X CD.  But I've
>found it won't work with a patched system, so you will at best have to
>reinstall off a 10.3 CD.  (or upgrade to 10.4)

I don't think that is true.  I just installed an OSX Panther system
on a new hard disk in my G3 and it works fine.  But you must install
the BSD base system first, before patching anything, right after
osX.  And you must install osx on a clean disk.


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