sshd max users

Ken Stevenson ken at
Tue Feb 21 10:25:09 PST 2006

Sean Murphy wrote:
> It seems I cannot connect to my server through sshd when there are 10 
> processes running of sshd.  My ssh client immediately terminates.  If I 
> kill one of the ssh processes I am able to login through ssh.  Is there 
> a max user setting?
> Thanks
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There's a MaxStartups parameter in /etc/ssh/sshd_config that limits 
the number of unauthenticated connections. It defaults to 10.

Try increasing it and see if it fixes the problem. I don't think it's 
a good idea to indiscriminately increase this parameter, but it may 
help you diagnose what's going on.

Ken Stevenson
Allen-Myland Inc.

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