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Graham North northg at
Tue Feb 21 00:32:32 PST 2006

This is supposed to be simple...?
My file shares work fine, I can browse and access files without 
problem.   But printer "Access denied unable to connect"  It is driving 
me bonkers!
My "nobody" account looks okay.  My hosts file is okay.
lpr works when on the print server machine - it will print.   Windows can't.
If anyone can give me some suggestions...?

Here is my smb.conf file.

# smb.conf    20060220 - re-write - simplify   
# NOTE: Whenever you modify this file you should run the command "testparm"
# to check that you have not many any basic syntactic errors.
#======================= Global Settings 

    workgroup = DELNORTE
    encrypt passwords = yes
    server string = www_server
    browseable = yes
    printing = bsd
#    print command = lpr -s -P %p %s; rm %s
    hosts allow = #local network

    wins support = no

#============================ Share Definitions 
    comment = Soleado WebServer
    path = /home/gn
    browseable = yes
    valid users = gn
    writeable = yes

    comment = WQS  WebServer
    path = /home/wqs
    browseable = yes
    writeable = yes
    valid users = gn wqs   

# NOTE: If you have a BSD-style print system there is no need to
# specifically define each individual printer
    comment = HP4L
    path = /var/spool/samba
    printable = yes
    public = yes
#    valid users = nobody
#    use client driver = yes
   Thanks to anyone who can help me out of my misery!
Cheers, Graham/

Kindness can be infectious - try it.

Graham North
Vancouver, BC

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