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Le 19 févr. 06 à 08:46, Robert Slade a écrit :

> Hi,
> I am looking for some advice. I have a network which is based on a
> number of servers running FreeBsd 6.0 serving Win XP work stations.  
> (yes
> I know but..) The network is large enough to use DHCP and DNS for the
> internal network, I have setup a DHCP server with a Dynamic DNS  
> (Bind 9)
> on one of the servers. That server is handling the LDAP side of the
> domain.

Is your DNS server busy resolving internal requests or external ones ?

> There appears to be a fair bit of DNS Traffic which leads to a  
> secondary
> DNS being required to take some of the load as DNS lookup are slow.  
> The
> question I have is should I just setup a cashing DNS on another server
> using the primary as a forwarder or even several servers eg the mail
> server and the secondary LDAP server, or should I setup a proper
> secondary DNS using my ISP as a forwarder with dynamic updates from  
> the
> primary.

You should not forward anything to your ISP. This is probably the  
main reason for your DNS beeing slow.

You should make shure you have well defined your network in your conf  
(so that you don't resolve queries for outside users...)-
I would not advise you to forward any queries to your ISP as this  
will disable the capacity for your own server to build It's own  
resolver database and forward all the queries to the ISP (resulting  
in slow answers)!

Normaly you should configure the master and the slave to be  
authoritative for your internal domains.
And configure the master and the slave to resolve ALL the Internet  
domains for your internal network and none for outside domains.

DNS is very tightly related to network... And we don't have any clue  
for the topology of your Net.


> Sorry if this is a bit vague, but I have no experience in this area.
> Rob
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