WinSCP mega-slowness

Daniel A. ldrada at
Mon Feb 20 04:04:20 PST 2006

I have the same issue here.
When I use SFTP (WinSCP) to transfer from my Windows XP SP2 box to my
local server, I can only utilize about 1/10'th of the bandwith
On the other hand, when I use FTP or SMB to transfer files, I can
utilize the maximum bandwith.

On both boxes, the "symptoms" are the same:
- Lots of available CPU time
- No significant disk I/O
- Quite a lot of available RAM.
On 2/20/06, Xn Nooby <xnooby at> wrote:
> For about a year I have noticed that whenever my Windows boxes talk to my
> Unix boxes, they communicate at about 1/10 normal speed. I copy lots (300GB)
> of large files back and forth between machines as I try different OS's, and
> I always see this.
> Specifically, if I copy from FreeBSD to FreeBSD, files transfer at 11 megs
> per second.  Between FreeBSD and Linux, at about 8 megs per second.  Between
> FreeBSD and Windows, about 1 megabyte per second.  This is on identical
> hardware.  I've told other people about this, and they usually say I must be
> doing something wrong, but recently a friend of mine upgraded a Windows box
> to SP2, and now they are getting this same slowness.  When I copy from
> Windows to WIndows (XP or W2k), I get 11 megs per second.
> My machines are two P4's with gigabit NICs, and I'm using WinSCP and
> (somtimes) pscp.exe on WIndows to talk to sshd on FreeBSD.  It's always a
> shock when I have to copy my data to WIndows, and it takes 30 hours instead
> of 3.
> Does anyone else ever see this slowness when copying files between FreeBSD
> and Windows?
> Is Windows maybe capping the transfer speed when it talks to Unix?
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