sangoma s518 adsl card sppp driver problem.

Omer Faruk Sen ofsen at
Mon Feb 20 00:24:52 PST 2006


I have a problem with s518 sangoma adsl card. I have FreeBSD-5.4 Release 
installed and installed wanpipe driver and software. Card has been detected 
perfectly that I can see on dmesg output. I have created a conf file using 
wancfg command and after running wanrouter start I get following error: 

wanpipe: S518-PCI ADSL card found, cpu(s) 1, bus #0, slot #19, irq #10
WANPIPE: Allocating maximum 1 devices:
WANPIPE: wanpipe1-wanpipe1.
WANPIPE(tm) L.I.P Network Layer Beta5-2.8.2 (c) 1995-2004 Sangoma 
Technologies I
WanpipeLIP: Protocols: FR PPP CHDLC
Registering Wanpipe Lip protocol 

Processing WAN device wanpipe1...
wanpipe1: Locating: ADSL card, CPU , PciSlot=19, PciBus=0
wanpipe1: Found: ADSL card, CPU A, PciSlot=19, PciBus=0
wanpipe1: Starting hardware setup...
wanpipe1: ADSL PCI memory at 0xe8000000
wanpipe1: IRQ 10 allocated to the ADSL card
wanpipe1: Set interrupt handler...
wanpipe1: Starting ADSL device.
wanpipe1: Initializing S518 ADSL card...
wanpipe1: Initializing LAN Interface
wanpipe1: Enabling ADSL (ATM OAM) Watchdog
wanpipe1: ADSL HW Addr: 00:77:77:77:7a:db
wanpipe1: Creating new WAN interface waad0...
wanpipe1: Please verify that SPPP is enabled in your kernel!
wanpipe1: Failed to create new interface (-22)!
wanpipe1: Device already configured! 

# wanrouter debug
Wanpipe environment/utilites/modules/operation OK 

I have compiled sppp in to the kernel but no luck again. I take wanpipe1: 
Please verify that SPPP is enabled in your kernel! message. Has anyone has a 
solution for that? 


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