WinSCP mega-slowness

Xn Nooby xnooby at
Sun Feb 19 23:05:29 PST 2006

For about a year I have noticed that whenever my Windows boxes talk to my
Unix boxes, they communicate at about 1/10 normal speed. I copy lots (300GB)
of large files back and forth between machines as I try different OS's, and
I always see this.

Specifically, if I copy from FreeBSD to FreeBSD, files transfer at 11 megs
per second.  Between FreeBSD and Linux, at about 8 megs per second.  Between
FreeBSD and Windows, about 1 megabyte per second.  This is on identical
hardware.  I've told other people about this, and they usually say I must be
doing something wrong, but recently a friend of mine upgraded a Windows box
to SP2, and now they are getting this same slowness.  When I copy from
Windows to WIndows (XP or W2k), I get 11 megs per second.

My machines are two P4's with gigabit NICs, and I'm using WinSCP and
(somtimes) pscp.exe on WIndows to talk to sshd on FreeBSD.  It's always a
shock when I have to copy my data to WIndows, and it takes 30 hours instead
of 3.

Does anyone else ever see this slowness when copying files between FreeBSD
and Windows?

Is Windows maybe capping the transfer speed when it talks to Unix?

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